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Bowdoinham String Band

Traditional, professional string music; lyrical waltzes to toe-tapping tunes.

Strolling musicians, background and dinner music, dances, weddings and community events.

Styles range from lyrical waltzes to toe-tapping tunes, and include Irish and Scottish, French Canadian,

American roots from the South and West, English and Welsh, and Scandinavian.

Solo violin/fiddle
Duet with guitar and fiddle
Trio of mandolin, guitar, fiddle
Four/five-piece band with two fiddles, guitar, mandolin, banjo
and many other combinations

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Hope Hoffman & Jim Tolles

Vocal and instrumental duo. Fiddle, banjo, guitar and singing ranging from high and lonesome to warm and tender.

Available for concerts, festivals, dances, parties, pubs, restaurants, weddings and events.

Focusing on the traditions of vocal and fiddle music, and incorporating original, roots-based songs and instrumental compositions.

Featuring songs from the Carter Family, bluegrass, country duet, and Appalachian folk heritage.

Hope Hoffman contributes her zippy, natural fiddle stylings and high, pure vocals.

Jim Tolles, former Capitol and Rounder recording artist, adds guitar, mandolin, banjo and vocals.

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Hope Hoffman, Solo performer & recording artist

Studio recording and live accompaniment for singers and bands, and acoustic music for events, on violin/fiddle and viola.

I can sight-read sheet music and also learn by ear, and am very comfortable improvising. I enjoy working with singers and bands backing up their vocals with my voice and fiddle/viola, both in the recording studio and in live performances.

Waltzes and gentle folk melodies, as well as lively Celtic, Old-time/Southern, French Canadian, and Swedish fiddle tunes for all types of events.

Sensitive and experienced at playing music for theater productions, I can find the right sorts of tunes for a particular time and place.

My fiddle has a pleasant, clear tone, so it can fit into a calm atmosphere; or if the occasion calls for it, the fiddle can carry rollicking dance tunes over a long distance; and my viola has a very rich tone and powerful projection.

I sing a cappella, and also accompany myself on guitar and banjo.

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Hope Hoffman & Jeff Trippe

Scots-Irish and Americana instrumental music and songs, with a modern approach and fluid, detailed interpretations.

Events, restaurants, pubs and concerts.

Jeff blends his lovely vocals with Hope's harmonies to create a lush emotional texture, and his melodic lines on guitar and octave mandolin artfully followw the fiddle's resonance and sense of adventure.

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Hope's fiddle brings a precise and imaginative style to their instrumental melodies, and a sensitive and creative accompaniment to vocal pieces.

Jigs, dance tunes, old songs, new songs, and selections from Hope Hoffman's album of original compositions.

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Hope Hoffman & Kittlish

Presenting Hope Hoffman's original New England dance tunes & the stories and traditional music which inspire them, plus somesolo a cappella singing.

We're called upon mainly for concerts, festivals, and parties.

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of Original Instrumentals

Hope Hoffman, fiddle, viola, voice

Hugh McGinness, cittern, crosstuned guitar and, if we're lucky, jaw harp

Larry Burkett, guitar

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Hope Hoffman & Jim Berrier

With vigor, nuance & good humor, high-energy tunes for contra dances & barn dances on fiddle & guitar.

Live recordings of us playing for contra dances and barn dances in Maine were just released on our CD "fiddledancemusic."

Jim got his rhythm chops on guitar and harmonica accompanying longtime dance harmonica player Fred Legere (whose repertoire is based on Don Messer's) at the Norlands Living History Center.

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of Field Recordings at Dances

Hope played for the Norlands barn dances as a solo fiddler.

Then, one evening, Jim and Hope showed up to play for the same dance.

Jim had forgotten his guitar so he played the spoons.

The next time, he brought his guitar and a dynamic duo began!

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