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Parent-Child Creative Folk Dance with Live Music


Enjoy a relaxed, engaging and imaginative series of workshops combining folk dance, structured creative movement, free dance and singing games for parent-child pairs.

All with live, traditional fiddle music ~ lyrical waltzes to upbeat jigs.

Be inspired by live music, learn simple traditional steps, and enjoy plenty of imagination!

For ages 5-10, and can be adapted for various age groups.

This program can also be adapted and developed around themes including science, the arts, the natural world and local foods.

The basic length of this program is 45 minutes; the addition of Hope's brief lecture-demo about fiddle music can extend the program to 60 minutes. If your venue has more than one group of participants, the program can be arranged as two or three consecutive sessions of 30 minutes each.


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Hope Hoffman has been a freelance dance teacher since 1999 and a full-time performer including fiddle music since 2001. Her sessions of music and dance for children have been presented at the Children's Museum of Maine in Portland, Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, and the Long Island Children's Museum in New York.

Her audio clips and résumé are at www.hopehoffman.org.

"It isn't just any musician/dance leader who can keep a bunch of kids singing, dancing and having fun for 45 minutes. The very talented Hope Hoffman did just that. She is focused, enthusiastic, flexible and responsive. She was also warm and inviting, and kept the group on track with gentleness and skill. All of us had a great time." -- Michael Parent (world-renowned storyteller and teacher)


More Class Offerings:

A variety of workshops are designed for ages 4-adult, including parent-child programs.

Stretch the imagination with creative movement, as well as learning about specific movement styles.

Interaction with live music adds depth and dimension to our expression and enjoyment.

Length is usually 45 minutes, and can range from half an hour to an hour and a half.

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Dance Party!
Ages: 4-10.

This has been a big success at the Children's Museum of Maine, which has hosted the workshop many times.

Guided creative movement and simple, traditional folk dances and songs, all with live fiddle music.

Offers a taste of tradition and gives plenty of room for creative interpretation.

Simple, lighthearted folk dances done in pairs or circles, as well as Hope Hoffman's playful creative movement games featuring traditional fiddle tunes.

Enjoy interacting with live fiddle music; the musicians respond to the dancers/creative movers and the movers respond to the music.

Explorations of dance steps including waltzing, polkas and Scandinavian steps combine technical instruction with freestyle dance movement. And, Americana singing games provide fun, simple ways of incorporating movement and music.

Each activity is a few minutes long, so newcomers can join in at any point in the program.

Creative Movement
Ages: 4-6 or 5-8
An exciting opportunity for kids to interact with live music! Variety of styles, educational and great fun.
Offered as a workshop or as a 4-class session, a 40-minute class

Moving with Music
Ages: 4-14
Creative movement games and simple folk dances with live fiddle music.

Creative Imagery and Ballet
Ages 5-7, or 8-10 or teen, or adult.
Sample different kinds of movement from the ballet techniques. We will use stories, imagery and a creative spirit to explore and understand is beauty and style.

Life Cycles of Seeds and Butterflies (or other science lessons)
Ages: kindergarten through 2nd grade
A movement piece with children working as a group while Hope provides a guiding spoken narrative and fiddle music. We discuss the material, do movement warm-ups and group building, and learn simple interpretive choreography.

Seeing My Seasons
Ages: 3rd and 4th grade
With simple songs, skits, and interpretive movement, all with live fiddle music, we will explore emotions, empathy and the cycles of seasons.

Making Friends with your Food: Cooking and Creative Movement
Ages: 6-10
Celebrate the flavor of local foods by eating, learning from farmers, and moving to live music.
There are three parts to each class session: First, cooking and eating a snack; then talking with a farmer about the experience of growing that food; then creating dance movement and music to express what we have learned. Each class will feature a different food.
We did our first session of Cooking and Creative Movement in 2003, as a collaborative program with the Bowdoinham Community Food Project, Hope Hoffman's Town Hall Theater Project, and Bowdoinham Recreation. It was a great success; the kids were very engaged and excited about learning, moving and music!

To view Hope's résumé of teaching dance and theater, please click here.

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Building Community through Music, Theater and Dance.

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